A gift from nature.

Portugal is a privileged country with 736 thousand hectares of mounted area of cork oak, a large dark green patch spreading over a vast part of the map that places us among the world’s 7 largest cork producers: Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, France, Tunisia and Italy.

Beyond the river Tagus, the Mediterranean cork oak, Quercus Suber, is sovereign providing Portugal with almost 190 thousand tons of harvested cork, roughly 50% of the world’s production.

The cork oak is a tree that has to be nurtured and cherished by successive generations. Its productive life begins only after 25 years, when the tree attains a girth of 70 cm and the nine-year cycle of growth and harvest can be initiated to last for 150 years.

Because we love Nature, we chose to work within the boundaries of its harmony and preservation.

Cork 100% natural.

Artelusa was awarded the ‘PETA – Approved Vegan’ seal, which certifies that the vast majority of our products are 100% vegan!

Passion for Cork!

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